We need to meet differently.

Conferize is an event-tech company listed on Nasdaq FN Copenhagen. We are developing a unique set of tools to help events create more value to both participants and organizers.

Events are important. Meeting people, creating things and inspiring others moves the world forward. But too often we leave events feeling underwhelmed, not really achieving anything or connecting with anyone. It’s an incredible waste, not least considering events is a trillion-dollar global market. We need to fix this.

The problem is that creating events is too hard and the tools to do it are over-complicated, fragmented and expensive. So we are creating a simple, yet powerful event solution with the most important tools included in an easy-to use package. An affordable solution anyone can use to organize events that create more value for everyone involved.

We need to meet differently, perhaps now more than ever. Expect more events where people meet face-to-face and virtually. You can be part of our journey as an investor.

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Presentation by CEO
Martin Morsing Larsen

The product

Conferize makes creating events simple and affordable. Anyone can use it. It works for conferences, product launches, meetups, workshops and whatever you call it. Website, schedule, tickets, emailing, and people management are included. And attendees get much more value through networking, knowledge sharing and active participation.

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The company

We’ve helped people gather since 2011. In 2017, we listed on Nasdaq FN Copenhagen. Late 2018, we launched the first elements of a new Conferize event management system, built from scratch. In June 2019 we raised DKK 26 M new capital to fund our continued systems development.